I would like to take the time to express my appreciation in having Gary Wright on board as a driver. Gary has been an asset during our companies’ need of a temporary Class B driver during the month of December. He showed up everyday on time ready to go to work and possessed a quick understanding of our company driving and client pick up procedures and conducted all assigned task in a safe and professional manner. He has excellent knowledge of the Bay Area and the best way to navigate in and around roadways safely. On the pick ups that Gary conducted he was very professional and considerate of our clients needs and always completed the job.

Jim Buckingham, Logistic/Warehouse Manager


Our company recently used WORKERS.COM for the first time for temporary workers. Asbury is a company that not everyone can work for due to the extreme environment. Before selecting employees to supplement our workforce, Suzanne Cracraft visited our manufacturing site to perform a survey of the working conditions to ensure that we were matched with the appropriate workers. When the need for temporary workers ended, we had room to hire only one of the two men that were utilized. This was a hard choice for us as both workers were equally suited and motivated to continue with our company. As the need arises I will use their services and I would highly recommend WORKERS.COM to anyone that is in need of sound temporary employees.

Dave Gillen, General Manager


WORKERS.COM has been assisting Pacific Pride Distribution with all of our staffing needs for the last few years. I feel that our working relationship has been a good, honest one. Usually for this to happen, it involves one or more persons to make this relationship grow. In this case, that one employee is Marcel Rodrigue. Marcel has taken our company under his wing and has done a tremendous job in ensuring our contentment. He took the time to really know our needs. Pac Pride can be very difficult at times when going through the selection process. Marcel has shown his patience many times over and has never made us feel that we were asking for the impossible. His quick responses have always been a major benefit to us.

You can bet that I have passed WORKERS.COM name to many of our business associates who are looking for temporary staffing.

Theresa Elser, Dan Elser, Diana Aikman, Management


I just wanted to let you know that I have been getting temps from Industrial for three years for my service jobs. Lisa and Marcel are doing a great job. When I call them to get a temp to fill in a service spot in a rush, they always come through for me. No matter what time it is in the day. I appreciate all their hard work. They both are pleasant to work with as well.

David Rogers, Office Manager


Amescor, Inc., is a rapidly growing semiconductor manufacturer. We recently moved to the West Coast, after 15-plus years of successful business on the East Coast. Like others in our industry, we have customarily had difficulty with employee turnover.

WORKERS.COM has been very friendly and helpful in keeping our needs met during our ramp-up. The workers that WORKERS.COM sends us are professional and conscientious about the quality of the products we supply to our customers. Finding such individuals requires careful screening and a keen eye. WORKERS.COM has done an excellent job providing us with just such people.

We greatly appreciate the extra attention to customer satisfaction and customer service that has made WORKERS.COM our preferred service provider in your industry.

Charles Estes, Operations Manager


Thank you once again for responding to our needs so quickly. I can always count on you and your firm when we are in a pinch. It seems that I call at the last minute and WORKERS.COM always comes through!

Judy Elliott, Human Resources Manager


What a wonderful employment agency WORKERS.COM has been for us. We are a medical devices manufacturer, with needs primarily in our manufacturing departments, but also with several office positions as they come up. WORKERS.COM has been proactive in determining the types of candidates we need.

WORKERS.COM helped our company transition into a very important stage of our hiring practice, hiring candidates on a “Temporary-Permanent” basis. WORKERS.COM Staff helped us recognize that giving candidates a trial period prior to hiring them on full time would help our retention. They were right! Since I started working with WORKERS.COM, we have hired 36 employees from them – 12 of whom have since converted to full time employment with us.

WORKERS.COM is always the first agency to get me resumes for positions that I need to fill. They have always had a good understanding of our needs, and have been proactive with offering negative and positive feedback with all candidates presented. WORKERS.COM has been fast, accurate, and always a pleasure to do business with. I recommend them with flying stars.

Alicia Mendoza, Orthopedic Systems Inc – Union City, CA


If I could choose just one word to describe WORKERS.COM, it would be “Quality.” Our division underwent a major integration of two operations facilities this year and with the help of ISC, the work-flow was maintained at both locations during the transition.

What sets WORKERS.COM apart from all of the other services you have to choose from? Whether we had three temporary workers or thirty, the quality of service we received was consistently exceptional. The Union City branch office is filled with professional and knowledgeable staff. I would call and say, “I need a lumper – whatever that is….” We would share a good laugh and they would get me a lumper in the matter of hours (sometimes even minutes!) and discretely educate me about what that job function does. They truly have set a standard to which every staffing service should aspire. I consider ISC an integral part of our staffing department and could not function without their support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lisa Marie Borbon


Philip Services Corp., a full-service environmental company, has employed the services of WORKERS.COM for more than 5 years.

In our Northern California operations, our staffing needs range from emergency response (staff needed in less than 1 hour) to mid/long-term employment (for longer term projects). WORKERS.COM consistently staffs our projects with qualified, experienced personnel, ready to work in any situation. In addition, many of our current employees were acquired through WORKERS.COM. Please accept my full endorsement of the entire team at WORKERS.COM!

Kevin Carnahan, Director of Operations


The world needs more people like you! I guess I wouldn’t be where I am without WORKERS.COM. Thank you all again for having faith in me. God Bless WORKERS.COM.

Richard Sharma – Hired Full time after being placed as a temp-to-hire maintenance mechanic at the Oakland Airport.


I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for you and the rest of all the great people at WORKERS.COM for the help, patience, and consideration given me over the years. I thank all of you for giving me a chance to work with you and to work for you. It meant a lot to me to be able to have employment, especially when the job market was so tough. There are, and always has been, a great group of people at Industrial Services Company. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to continue our relationship for years to come.

Charles McPherson – Industrial Services Company employee since July 7th, 1992

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