Top 5 Talent Management Strategies

By Tina Martin of Ideaspired. Whether WORKERS.COM is providing pre-employment screening services, high-quality temporary contract workers, or have partnered with our clients to provide a comprehensive employment solution, we’re prepared to rapidly adapt to the level of service your company requires at any given point in time, 24 four hours a day, seven days a […]

How To Recruit Skilled Trades Professionals In A Talent Shortage

How To Recruit Skilled Trades Professionals In a Talent Shortage

It’s no secret that the U.S. is facing a major shortage of skilled trades professionals. Several forces are converging to create a “perfect storm” that’s making recruiting qualified candidates tougher than ever: Thanks to the current Administration’s focus on jobs creation, our national unemployment rate has dipped below 4%. Our economy continues to gain momentum, […]

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