How To Use Temporary Staffing To Address Workforce Shortfalls

How To Use Temporary Staffing To Address Workforce Shortfalls

Summer workforce heading back to school? Dreading staffing up for your busy season? Simply struggling to fill open jobs?

You’re not alone. Across industries, U.S. employers are dealing with workforce shortfalls created by the current pandemic, voluntary turnover, growth, seasonal spikes and more.

Whether your workforce gaps are small or large, short or long-term, temporary staffing can provide qualified resources to get your work done. Here are just a few of the ways our services can help:

Fill Last-Minute Needs.

Staffing firms like WORKERS.COM recruit year-round. As a result, we have deep candidate pools of qualified people who are ready to step in and make immediate contributions.

Staff-Up For Your Busy Season.

If you experience highs and lows in your business, temporary staffing can help you quickly scale your team to match fluctuating workloads. When things get busy, we have qualified candidates ready to go to work. When things slow back down, let the contingent staff go and hold onto your employees. Your workforce stays lean, flexible and productive.

Cost-Effectively Staff High-Turnover Positions.

For positions with notoriously high turnover rates, qualified temporary employees can “stop the revolving door.” We can ensure you always have the skilled, resourceful people you need to complete your toughest jobs.

Shorten Learning Curves.

If skill gaps are a challenge for you, we can recruit workers with the specific skills and experience you require. As a result, you can reduce training costs and access workers who are productive from day one.

Grow Your Core Team.

If you’re experiencing rapid growth or struggle to fill open positions, we can provide great people on a temp-to-hire basis. This option gives you immediate access to talent, while allowing you to evaluate job performance and cultural fit before extending an offer for direct employment.

Looking For Better Ways To Fill Workforce Shortfalls?

Partner with a leading employment agency. As a true consultative partner, WORKERS.COM will take the time to learn about your business goals and analyze your workforce needs. Together, we can develop a cost-effective, flexible staffing strategy that provides the right resources to:

  • support your core team
  • ensure work gets done
  • speed up access to talent and shorten learning curves
  • reduce employee burnout and resultant turnover
  • control overhead and employment risks

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