How to Find Your Next Job Using Facebook Jobs

How To Find Your Next Job Using Facebook Jobs

Looking for a new job? Believe it or not, your next position may be right in front of you – on Facebook! In 2017, Facebook launched a job search platform allowing users in the U.S. and Canada to search and apply for jobs directly through the site and mobile app. Through this new feature, companies of all types can post job openings that will appear on users’ newsfeeds, generate viewership and simplify the process for starting an application.

Why Facebook Jobs?

According to Facebook, the company formed this new feature as a way to make it easier for businesses and job seekers to interact, since over one billion people visiting the site’s pages every month. Because employers were already using the platform to find and fill jobs, it only made sense to move forward with this new accessible and user-friendly function for job seekers to apply through Facebook.

The Facebook Jobs platform differs a bit from LinkedIn, as it tends to attract a broader range of job postings by employers, including hourly and part-time positions. A simple newsfeed post or job ad on Facebook can garner the interest of a tremendous number of people – as nearly two billion people across the globe have a Facebook profile.

How To Apply Using Facebook Jobs

The best part about applying to jobs through Facebook is the ease and efficiency. Click on Facebook’s “jobs” section where you can search for jobs by filtering through various criteria, including location, industry and job type. You can also simply scroll through the openings that come up and click on the ones that interest you.

If you find a job opportunity you like, click on the “Apply Now” button which will lead you to a pre-populated page with your name and any other information you’ve previously input on the site. You will be prompted to complete the form and make any necessary changes to your information before submitting it. While there’s no option to upload a resume, you will be given a 1,000-character text box in which you can submit a cover letter-style type of note. Once you hit “send,” the employer will automatically be notified of your submission through a Facebook message.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage In The Job Search

Sound too good to be true? The Facebook application process really is as simple as that. There’s a good chance you’re online frequently during these challenging times, so why not make social networking worthwhile and give your job search a boost on Facebook?

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