Does Job Hopping Make Managers Hop Over Your Resume?

Does Job Hopping Make Managers Hop Over Your Resume?

A big increase in responsibilities. A significantly higher salary. Greater opportunities for advancement.

There are so many positive reasons to change jobs frequently. But for all the pros, there’s one very big con: job hopping can scare away hiring managers.

Just what are recruiters thinking when they scan your resume and see that you’ve held four jobs in as many years? Here are some of their biggest fears:

You Have Commitment Issues.

While some young managers may view serial job hopping as inconsequential, most will consider it a red flag – fearing you’ll jump ship as soon as another tempting opportunity comes along.

You’re A Flake.

If your resume indicates that you have trouble staying with a single employer long-term, a hiring manager may assume that you’re either unstable or indecisive (neither of which make you a desirable candidate).

You’re Easily Bored.

Managers seek loyalty from their employees, even when work is mundane. Right or wrong, job hopping can make it look as if you’re someone who checks out the moment the going gets dull.

You Can’t Play Nice In The Sandbox.

True, you may have perfectly valid reasons for your job changes – but your resume can’t adequately convey them. A skeptical employer may take one look at that long list of jobs and assume that you have issues with being managed; you don’t handle conflict well; or you can’t adapt and get along with co-workers.

You’re Just Not Worth It.

Recruiting, interviewing and vetting a candidate is a time-consuming, expensive process for employers. So, not surprisingly, they’re looking for a good long-term return on their hiring investment (and really, can you blame them?). Serial job hopping may make you look like a high-risk investment (ie: a candidate who lacks focus, commitment and/or direction). If you were a hiring manager, would you want to gamble on someone who could easily switch jobs within a year – or put your money on a safer bet?

Looking For Variety AND Stability In Your Career?

Working as a WORKERS.COM temporary employee offers the best of both worlds:

  • You won’t look like a job hopper, because you can list one employer on your resume. WORKERS.COM is your employer of record no matter where you work on assignment!
  • You can work in a range of environments performing diverse responsibilities. Shorter-term assignments allow you to gain exposure to different jobs and employers, without the stigma of being a serial quitter.
  • You can strengthen your job skills and resume. With each new assignment, you get paid to build your experience and expertise.

WORKERS.COM offers a wide range of temporary and temp-to-hire jobs to keep you gainfully employed (and avoid being labeled as a “job hopper”) while getting the variety, challenge and career-building opportunities you want.

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